Bottom Line Equipment, LLC was founded in June of 2005 and its incorporation followed in July. The company had only two employees, Kurt and Kim Degueyter, along with two pieces of equipment, roughly twenty-five attachments, a new website, and a home office in Lafayette, LA. It was out of that very home that Kurt Degueyter, the Owner and Founder of Bottom Line, began to rent and sell equipment.

Just a few short months after the company was created, one of the worst natural disasters to hit the Gulf Coast occurred: Hurricane Katrina. Specifically, in New Orleans, the combination of breached levees and failures by the hurricane protection systems are considered the worst civil engineering disaster in U.S. history. Driven to be part of the solution, Kurt and Bottom Line found themselves entering the chaos that was the aftermath of Katrina. Kurt hit the ground running just days after the storm had passed. He headed into storm-ravaged New Orleans in the hopes of finding a place to set up shop and found a former gas station and convenience store on “Equipment Row,” situated on Airline Highway in St. Rose, LA.

2005 - 2007

Bottom Line Equipment, among many others, was ever present in doing its part to help the reconstruction and renewal effort post-Katrina. Throughout the next two years, as the community worked to rebuild not only the region, but also their lives, Bottom Line concentrated its equipment and attachments on the large-scale cleanup efforts in the area. After initially removing the debris and clearing the streets, Bottom Line began supplying equipment for the demolition of heavily damaged homes, buildings, and even entire neighborhoods. The rental fleet for Bottom Line was deployed throughout New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast – none could question the company’s commitment to rebuilding New Orleans.


By the end of 2008, Bottom Line Equipment had grown from two pieces of equipment into a rental fleet of well over 500 pieces. That fleet was well equipped to also aid in the rebuilding of the levee systems and pumping stations that were incapacitated during the storms. While the rebuilding campaign continued at a rapid pace in 2011, Bottom Line continued to provide assistance to the area. However, at nearly the same time, a need presented itself within the petrochemical industry.


Although economic damage to the oil and gas industries was not crucial to the reconstruction, massive infrastructural damage to the refineries and the continued demands for the resources created a surge in the Petrochemical market. Recognizing a need to better support these repairs and new expansion projects in the industry, Bottom Line Equipment expanded into the Petrochemical and Pipeline markets in 2012, opening a new service center facility in Sulphur, LA.


Word of the company’s services spread from Sulphur outward, and not long afterwards, calls from the eastern portion of Texas began to come in at an escalating volume, requesting the supply of construction equipment into the petrochemical and pipeline markets. Once again, Kurt recognizes and seized the opportunity to better meet his customers’ demands for equipment rentals and services, and Bottom Line’s third facility was opened in Baytown, TX at the start of 2013.


The Baton Rouge facility opened its doors in 2015 to support the area’s petrochemical and construction markets. After 11 years in the gas station, St. Rose moved its services into a brand new 28,000 square foot, state of the art facility, directly next to where the old gas station stood. After 4 years of business, the Sulphur store quickly outgrew itself, so Kurt decided that the second Bottom Line store needed a new facility as well. The new Sulphur facility is over 28,000 square feet, featuring over 10,000 square feet of a sales and administrative office, and 18,000 square feet of shop and warehouse area, that incorporates the most energy-efficient technologies. Lastly, due to our growing customer needs in east Texas, Bottom Line acquired land for its 5th service yard location in the heart of the Golden Triangle in Beaumont, TX.


Today, the company does business as a multi-location establishment, maintaining its accounting headquarters in Lafayette and presently operating six service center facilities: Saint Rose, LA, Baton Rouge, LA, Sulphur, LA, Beaumont, TX, Baytown, TX and Corpus Christi, TX.

Kurt formed Bottom Line with the love and support of his wife and family, and with many long hours of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. He both credits and relies upon his team – good people that he is proud to call his employees – and upon his faith, spiritual guidance, and intuition to best steer his business forward. Now having over 1200 pieces of equipment and over 300 specialty attachments pieces in the rental fleet, Kurt has established the company in a position to better serve customers along the Gulf Coast. However, the attitude instilled by Kurt in his team speaks to the ideals that are present in Bottom Line’s endeavors. Kurt states, “You take care of your employees and your suppliers, and your customers will be taken care of.” Whether in management, sales, rental, service and parts, or delivery, at any of Bottom Line’s five service centers, the same mission comes through: We are One Company, with One Fleet, and with One Standard. Let’s Make It Happen!

- An excerpt from Louisiana Sportsman's December 2015 article on Bottom Line Equipment, LLC celebrating its 10 years in business.