Safety Mission Statement

The Bottom Line Equipment management is dedicated to providing the tools to ensure workplace safety at all worker levels. The combined efforts of all company representatives shall ensure that all workers are sent home safely every day


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Bottom Line’s Safety System

  • A dedicated team of safety managers provide 24/7 response and service
  • Safety professionals include CSP’s, ASP’s, CHST’s, and ARRM


Active Status In Major Plants

Veriforce: Integrated Compliance Solutions

  • Approved Status and “A” Safety Rating: Golden Pass LNG



  • Approved Status and “A” Safety Rating: Kinder Morgan, Monsanto Luling, PCS Nitrogen Giesmar, Primoris Services Corporation


Avetta (formerly PICS Auditing)

  • Green Flag Status: ExxonMobil Beaumont Area Complex


Southwest Safety Council of Louisiana

  • Approved Status and “A” Safety Rating: Sasol Chemical


*Multiple TWIC Card certified Service Technicians at each Bottom Line Location*


Safety Inspections

  • Throughout the month, our safety management team conducts thorough, documented safety and health audits which are submitted to management and reviewed with employees
  • The purpose of the audit is to identify safe and unsafe behaviors and conditions, and complete corrective actions
  • The audits are completed impromptu and are used to identify trends
  • These observations are a useful tool to improve behavior and promote the best performance for our company


Management Safety Meeting

  • Each month we hold a "Safety Business Meeting" which includes a committee of key management (including owner, company executives and management)
  • In this meeting we review the "End of Month" report which includes all Audits, Incidents, Discipline and Training performed during the prior month
  • This meeting is a cornerstone of our program; we strategize, craft policy and develop future training


Safety and Health Training

  • In addition, we conduct field safety meetings where we review the progress of the company safety program and conduct training on areas of safety and health with all employees
  • In this meeting we also review all incidents and have a lessons learned open table discussion with our employees
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA’S) are reviewed and evaluated with service technicians and applicable haul truck drivers
  • Monthly safety awards and acknowledgements are distributed during all hands meetings


Safety Newsletters:

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